You will be Alright…

I know you probably wonder, what a topic!

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

For you who thinks life is just a roller-coaster of perils and struggles.

That lady whose been through countless heartbreaks,

That man who has never had the a lady accept to spend the rest of time with him,

That student who doesn’t know when s(he) will pass that very important exam,

That job applicant who wonders when that company will send him/her the employment offer,

Those parents who wonder why they can’t just have their own babies like the million others who do so with ease.

That mother worried about when her child would walk or talk or get over those symptoms and tics,

Those people struggling with different terminal sicknesses,

That young lady wondering when it will be her turn to be the happy bride,walking down the aisle

That immigrant trying to get the right documentation to validate his/her stay in their dream country,

That contractor waiting for that major deal….

The list is endless. Troubles, worries agitations that throng at our heart and rob us of our peace. Life no doubt is full ups and downs. But guess what? You will be alright!

Just know you are not alone in your struggle. You will be alright, keep calm, be hopeful and smile through the storm.

The sun will shine again.

The cloud will pave way for the breaking day.

Keep your head up, smile through the tears, wake up each day, get new hope, see joy in the pain, get peace in the confusion.

Never give up, keep keeping up.

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