When did we grow up?

Childhood and innocence are such blessings! Not having a care in the world, not holding strongly to anything than the hands of friends and loved ones.

No thoughts about colour, age, sex, fame, power or such unwarranted prejudices that often becloud our senses of beauty and happiness as adults.

The innocence of children make them vulnerable and yet beautiful. They forgive easily, they give another chance and another chance and another chance to the naughty friend. And often times it is at the intervention of adults that they make some biased and permanent decisions like “I don’t want to play with him/her again”.

Oh children believe almost everything! Their faith is endless. Their hope is impossible! But what happened to us? We grew up and forgot to play-fight?

We grew up and started to hate. We grew up and started to worry. We grew up and limited our imaginations!

Can we just grow up and still retain our childhood innocence? Can we grow up and trust as children, with reckless abandon? can we grow up and share as children, knowing that we have more joy when we share?

I pray every child whose innocence, joy, freedom and peace has been eroded or is being jeopardised by some irresponsible adults somewhere will get rescued my a miracle.

I pray every failing governmental or cultural system that supports the suffering of children be overhauled immediately.

Every child deserves a chance to be a child.

A chance to be free from adult responsibilities.A chance to get education and aspire to the greatest potentials possible.

A chance to dream.

A chance to peace.

A chance to play.

A chance to dance.A chance to speak, a chance to be heard, a chance to live.

A chance to life.

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