Bamie Aivoji

So here is my personal welcome to you, thank you for taking time to visit this space, and share in my thoughts.

I believe the world can be a better place for us to live in, and this will be possible if we all work in our purposes. How then do we discover purpose? Purpose is so close to everyone, because it resides within the soul. You need to find it and  give expression to it. Ironically, despite being so close, it remains so elusive to many.

My goal is to help you through soul searching, reflective, posts, to identify that inner man of the soul, and then release him/her. 

Purpose is directly linked with service to others, we are saved to serve. “For David, after serving God’s purpose in his own generation, fell asleep, was buried with his fathers, and decayed” Acts 13:36

I challenge you today, to take the first step towards success by taking time to answer the questions on purpose discovery, I hope my blog inspires you to reflect and take action.

Welcome to my Blog.

Bamie Aivoji

EXPLOITS2022 Attendees Feeback

We are excited you made it to EXPLOITS2022. We value your feedback and would like to know what we did well, and the areas we can improve upon. Please help us serve you better by filling the below form, we will also be happy to add you to our subscribers list, so that you do

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I see newness – APRIL-FULL

Welcome to the 2nd Quarter of 2021.Regardless of your wins or losses in the first quarter, God is making all things new!!! Just look at nature, it is telling us a story   The flowers are beginning to bud, the sun  shines even  brighter and is in no hurry to withdraw it’s smiling face at the

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Summer SPLASH 2020

So we had the first edition of our  annual summer splash event, it was themed:More than a conqueror:M. A. C It was a virtual meeting, and was well attended by CODE members, parents and friends. We are greatful to God for our little beginning, we are certain that our paths  will definitely get greater and

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Before you Cast the first stone..

The problem with trying to cut people off because of their failures or shortcomings is that oftentimes we look at them from the perspective of their shortcomings, their sins and wrong doings. We find it difficult to erase from our minds, quantify or fathom the absurdity of their failings. More so when those people mean

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You will be Alright…

I know you probably wonder, what a topic! Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. For you who thinks life is just a roller-coaster of perils and struggles. That lady whose been through countless heartbreaks, That man who has never had the a lady accept to spend the rest of time with him, That student who

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The Time Is Now

I have always dreamt of doing what I am doing now. A desire long bubbling in my heart, to commute the deep thoughts in my heart to many more souls than i. The fear of mediocrity, the roadblock of procrastination, the challenge of modern day life, amonsgt several, were not easy to succumb. My dream

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