The Time Is Now

I have always dreamt of doing what I am doing now. A desire long bubbling in my heart, to commute the deep thoughts in my heart to many more souls than i.

The fear of mediocrity, the roadblock of procrastination, the challenge of modern day life, amonsgt several, were not easy to succumb. My dream long remained at that level of conception, which had long past its conception date.

Then came today, and i new the time was now. No more with the familiar terrains that have almost stifle life out of my conception. Its time for my baby to see the world, to take on the first drag of oxygen by itself..

To hit the unknown and cold, the cruel and beautiful, the hilarious and adventurous. Yes it will be a potpourri of experiences, but i will rather she tasted the world and be hurt, than to remain in the safety and warmth of my womb…for though in the safety of my womb, she be far from hurt, yet her end is known..

Now is the time to take the risk to share my joy with the hope that in turn it brings at least a smile or a thought to another, just like me.

Now is the time to say no more to fear, no more to tomorrow, no more to the perfect time. As i let you out today, my dear, your end no one can know, because you no longer live in i alone, you are spread in a million souls and more, that hopefully one day will get connected to the beauty of your wisdom.

Woman Facing Baby Sleeping

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