I see newness – APRIL-FULL

Welcome to the 2nd Quarter of 2021.
Regardless of your wins or losses in the first quarter, God is making all things new!!!

Just look at nature, it is telling us a story   The flowers are beginning to bud, the sun  shines even  brighter and is in no hurry to withdraw it’s smiling face at the end of the day.  Hurriedly, in the morning it awakes,  spreading it’s warmth for all to enjoy. 

The trees are ready, dancing to the melody from the sun and the rain. Oh what gladness awaits us,  what delight to see the trees awake again. Budding with tiny lives that will soon blossom into bright and beautiful, tender flowers. Spreading their scents into the rainy-sunny air.

Rejoice that you are alive and can feel this change.
It is a new dawn.
Away with the old.
Embrace the new.

Arise with a new zest for life.
Get the bounce back in the soles of your feet.
Get the spark back in your eyes.
Get excited, I hear sounds of rejoicing and newness!!!


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